Custom Fabrication

We do custom fabrication work of all types, in various materials, at a variety of scales and levels of complexity. We work in various types of metals and cut up to 4" thick steel. We are happy to explore new materials for potential projects, we've also worked in various plastics as well. We have multi axis machines to fabricate complex products. Wether 3 axis normal slab fabrication works for you or if you need 6 axis machines. We also use our Manual Lathes when a project calls for a human hand.

About the service

With our custom fabrication service… With our custom fabrication service…

  • Machine Capability
  • Project Specific
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Professional project management
  • FREE estimate


We put major emphasis in this phase and we treat it as one pf the most important parts of any project. Our experienced engineers will help you avoid any possible obstacles and provide with detailed solutions on the technologies to be used, materials and important decisions in different situations.