Our Company, Our Technologies, Our Values.

We are proud to present our company and what we value in our work and our commitment to customer service. Find a full list of our technologies below.

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Our Company, Our Values.

We believe in hard work, persistence, and follow through. We go to great lengths to meet our customers expectations and manufacturing desires. We work efficiently and with precession, we know what it means to meet a deadline with impeccable sophistication in every individual part in your order. When efficiency and a steady workflow aren’t enough we go above and beyond working later hours to make sure our customers are satisfied and that orders are met.

We value honesty, commitment, and an open work environment. We want our clients to feel free to call us any time of the day to review their order, make a special request, or just check in. We desire to work with you through all stages of the production and manufacturing process. We will walk you through every step of the process.

We have many state of the art machines. With our CNC Lathes, CNC Mills, and CNC Cutting Tables we are sure we have a tool to meet your project requirements.

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Our Process

We walk our clients through a multi phase design and product development process. Click through the tabs below for more information on each phase.

First we meet with you (the customer) face to face, or over the phone per your convenience. We discuss your project needs and requirements. We learn about your business and inform you about ours as well:

  • Based on your exact needs, making sure you pay and get only what your project requires.
  • Cost effective, yet keeping some amortization for price differentiations to secure uninteruptable construction process.
  • We will have an intensive discovery session where we listen intently to your needs and find out as much as we can about your project.

Once we agree on the approach we will take to accomplish your project we start the design process:

  • Based on your requirements we discuss our machining capabilities and the process we will use to complete your project.
  • We use our CAD software to design your parts if you need design files created. If you have your CAD files already created we move into the CAM process.
  • During the CAM process we prepare the CAD files for our Machines. We use our CAM software to create the tools paths, that are exported to G-Code to drive the machines.

After the design process we will produce an example product for your approval before we manufacture your complete order. If it’s a custom job where we generate the design from scratch to meet your specification we can do multiple iterations until we meet your specifications exactly:

  • First we share drawing files and or models to communicate the specifications of your product.
  • Once we have clarity in the drawing and model formats we start the machining process and produce prototypes for a 1:1 test.
  • Based on the effectiveness of the prototype and if it meets your specifications we will move on to the manufacturing phase.

In the manufacturing phase we can rapidly produce order of up to 50,000 parts. No job is too big for us!:

  • During the manufacturing process we will be very busy producing your order. We will have check points along the way to update you on your order.
  • We spend time making sure every piece fulfills our maximum quality requirements.

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Our Machines

This is our complete machine list. Let us know if you need more information on any of the details or specifications of our machine capabilities - we are more than happy to communicate with you.

Machine Details
CNC Lathe Ecoca SJ35. 35HP. 12" Chuck Turning
CNC Lathe Ecoca SJ25. 25HP. 10" Chuck Turning
CNC Lathe Mazak 250HP 25HP 60" Turn
CNC Lathe Mazak 250HP 25HP 10" Chuck
CNC Lathe Mazak 25L 25HP 10" Chuck
CNC Mills Mazak 25/405 20" X 30"
CNC Mills Mazak 25/405 VTC 20" X 60"
CNC Cutting Table Torchmate 60" X 120" Oxy/Plasma
CNC Cutting Table Torchmate 60" X 120" Oxy/Plasma
CNC Cutting Table Torchmate 60" X 120" Oxy/Plasma